Digital Bilal

Partner Program
Join us as a partner and start earning a good amount of money. Our program offers great opportunities for financial growth.

1. Earn by Referring

Here's how you can earn by referring clients to us: Let's say you refer someone to us for web development, and they pay ₹30,000 for the service. As a thank you, we give you upto 20% of that amount, which is ₹6,000. You receive this reward after the client has paid the full ₹30,000.

2. Earn by Working

By partnering with us and working as a web designer, graphic designer, social media manager, or in a similar role, you can earn upto 35% of the total amount paid by the client. For instance, if the client pays ₹30,000, you'll receive ₹10,500 once their payment is completed.